Billy's Theme - Rami Suave

Billy Sabes

Birthday: September 29th

Age: 19

Height: 5'8"

Artwork by Ricardo Michel

Billy is one of the three leading protagonists in Obsolete Souls.

Billy is a pacifist that is always being forced to push his limits, but still finds ways to keep a smile in a bad situation. He doesn't like to fight, but always feels the need to defend someone.
His best way to go about it is to avoid confrontation, but somehow bad situations always find him. 
When Billy was 6, his parents abandoned him.

He was quickly taken in by the Duphaine family, and grew up in the city of Stobon with Denzel.  As Billy got older, he grew more curious about why his parents abandoned him. He quickly learned that it was because they were deeply involved in organized crime, so he stopped looking into it to avoid causing trouble for anyone. Well, at least until Denzel found a potential lead on Billy's parents hiding out in the town of Lestormine years later.