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Theme of Episode 0 - Tobey Julian-Joseph


  • 7 years before the events of the Obsolete Souls™ RPG, the head of the Haytii Kingdom has repeating visions of the Zarragorians (deities in the Obsolete Souls™ lore) invading their world. After much contemplation he decides to take private action.


  • Elsewhere on Earth Alpha, the princess of Treblem, Fabienne, goes missing in the night. Trails of Fabienne’s disappearance point to the allied Kingdom of Haytii, the home of her ancestors. Her mother, Queen Ertha, doesn't waste any time following this lead. Ertha heads for Haytii with a few unique soldiers in tow seeking direct answers from the King.

  • Surprisingly, Ertha is met with great resistance on her journey...



This is a 2D action game where the player can use the various combat mechanics at their disposal to battle waves of enemy AI. The player’s objective is to generate a high/passing score by chaining together attacks to perform different combos.

  • STANDARD ATTACKS: These actions are able to be performed at any time, and are the basis for attacking enemies in the game. These attacks can be chained together and canceled out of each other to perform various combos.

  • RUSH ATTACKS: Rush attacks deal significant damage in a short burst of attacks. The Rush meter is filled by performing combos with standard attacks. When the meter is full various attacks become stronger, and new combos become available to the player. 

  • GAMIA ATTACKS: Gamia attacks are special moves that deal large amounts of damage to a wide range of enemies, restore player health, and generate the most score. These attacks are necessary for achieving the highest rank.


Players can use the standard attacks to fill their “Rush” meter, and then players can use the Rush attacks to fill the “Gamia” meter. Maintaining a high combo count, and accessing Gamia will be critical to mastering combat in Episode 0!


Obsolete Souls Episode 0: Operation Haiti will be playable at the following events in 2024.

(List is subject to change. Follow Dennel Cake on social media to find frequent updates on future events.)

  • Pax East​

  • Plastic City Comic-Con

  • Retro World Expo

  • River City Rhythm & Rock Festival

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Episode 0 Splash Artwork.png


  • As a Haitian American dev team, we want to bring more Haitian influence into the game space with gamified Haitian locales, Haitian characters, Kompa inspired music, Haitian Creole translations, and Haitian Creole voice acting. In tandem, we want to share our American influence with Haiti as well! The original Obsolete Souls RPG was heavily inspired by American hip-hop themes, and a lot of talent is returning for this prequel project.

  • To create a video game that represents Haitian heroes & protagonists. Dennel Cake has always pushed for more diversity in video games, and we're going to keep pushing for it here too. Obsolete Souls™ Episode 0: Operation Haiti is a part of the Obsolete Souls™ lore, and thus will incorporate similar fantasy themes as well!

  • To bring more attention to Haiti. Our hope is to generate an interest in Haiti & Haitian culture with each player. We'll also be donating a percentage of the project funding to Hope for Haiti. Through supporting this video game, you can make a direct positive impact in the real world.

  • Obsolete Souls™ Episode 0: Operation Haiti is currently planned to release in 2025. You can show your interest in our game by wish listing Operation Haiti on Steam!

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