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Aria's Theme - Reggie1

Aria Ruzen
Birthday: January 3rd
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"

Artwork by Ricardo Michel

Aria is a brash person with a big heart, and a short temper. She grew up with her younger brother in a small village under military supervision.
When Aria was 17, her brother was executed. This created a hole in her heart filled with rage, and sadness.
She wanted to get revenge on the executioners, but fate wanted otherwise. In investigating her brother's death,
Aria came across a man that promised to lend her the power she would need for her revenge. 
All she had to do was help this man in his quest, and he would help Aria in her's. In aiding this man, she was cast into a string of ridiculous events. Now Aria is an Insignificant, and a Nebrajin. 
Although her life continues to be a roller coaster, her new friends make it a somewhat enjoyable ride.

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