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Phalle's Theme - Rami Suave

Phalle Feveaux

Birthday: April 22nd

Age: 18

Height: 5'9"

Artwork by Ricardo Michel

Phalle (/Fal/) is a character with a lot of attitude, and a lot of heart.  On the surface she's seen as a rude person, because she's more direct than most, but deep down she's very compassionate. Phalle was adopted into royalty as a small child, but her life of luxury was short lived. Through waves of tribulation, and harsh life lessons, she became a headstrong visionary, and a highly proficient Gamia user. Although the past has made her somewhat bitter, she tries her best to understand other people, and constantly searches for a sense of purpose. Her encounters with the Insignificants put her into a twist that she has yet to deem as fate, or mere coincidence, but either way she'll embrace the life she has to the fullest.

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