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Obsolete Souls Universe


This is a story about one of the first nine people to ever live, and the twelve people that make his life worth living.  This man is known as one of the 9 Zarragorians (zair-uh-gor-ree-in). He has the power from the center of the universe, and every time he dies, he goes back to the beginning of his time. He cannot die of age, but he can be killed. This man's goal is to find a way to save the universe from the obsolete souls that plague it, so he can finally reach the afterlife rather than reliving his life over, and over again.
He believes that the key to saving the universe is with the most difficult group of people he's ever met. They think otherwise...

See this story unfold as you take the role of people who reluctantly follow this man.

Earth Alpha Obsolete Souls

Earth Alpha

On this failed replica of Earth that has only existed for 400 years, there are many bizarre changes.  There are 8 continents, but one of them has already become fully submerged under water, and the others aren't too far behind the same fate.  Gravity is much heavier, and the people inhabiting the planet experience various effects from the planet's energy.  Vicious creatures roam outside of the cities, and many species are constantly evolving at a fast rate.  As terrifying as the planet can be, most humans can still appreciate the life they live on Earth Alpha.  The planet is united by Three Kings, and Three Queens known as The Six of the World.  It is up to them to keep the planet, and it's people safe.

Obsolete Souls Gamia

Gamia, and Gamic Energy

The energy from Earth Alpha is absorbed by the life on the planet. This energy is known as Gamia (Gaw-me-uh).  Although all life forms have Gamia, most life forms never learn how to use it.  Those that do learn how to use Gamic energy can usually create, and manipulate a certain element. The most common elements that people control are Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, Ice, and Earth Gamia.  Rarely, a life form will emit Light, or Dark Gamia.  Some Gamic abilities are too bizarre to be classified.  There is a very small population of people that know how to use Gamia in the year 400, but there is an even smaller population of people that can use it to its full potential.

Nebrajins, and Vorraleas

Earth Alpha's
Human Species

On Earth Alpha there are 4 different types of humans.

Original Earthling - Often referred to as an "In-Between", these humans still have Gamia in them, but it is near impossible for them to use it.  If they do learn how to use it, they will generally be weaker than other human types, and have to work much harder to control Gamic energy.  This is the most common human type.

Nebrajin (Neh-bruh-jin) - These humans are born with a Gamic cancer that destroys the body the more they use their Gamia.  However, these human types can control an absurd amount of Gamia with ease.  Nebrajin's usually die after 30 years of age, becoming more powerful near death.  This is a rare human type.

Vorralea (Vuh-raw-lee-uh) - These humans struggle to control Gamia the most, because they have so much of it. However, once they learn how to control it they have no limits.  Because of this, Vorralea's are feared, and heavily discriminated against.  Fortunately, all human types look the same, and can only be distinguished through assumptions in battle, or DNA testing.  This is a very rare human type.

Zarragorian (Zair-uh-gor-ree-in) - A name given to the first 9 humans in existence.  Nobody knows what these humans were capable of, but they are referred to as Gods.  According to religious text on Earth Alpha, the Zarragorians created Earth Alpha with their insane amount of Gamia, and that is the reason why all life forms have Gamic energy.  It is said that their bodies are sleeping, and waiting to be awoken in a time of need.  This is the rarest human type.

Insignificants, Litilnumia


The Insignificants - This group of people is always in the public eye, and can't seem to stay out of trouble.  They are constantly on the move, and can never catch a break.  They want to save Earth Alpha, but blindly lead themselves down a path that they know they can't come back from.  They can only hope that they made the right choices.

Litilnumia (Lit-tul-noo-mee-uh) - A cult that is dedicated to resurrecting one of the Zarragorians.  They believe that this Zarragorian can show them the secrets of the universe, and are willing to resurrect him by any means necessary.

Nebra-tech - A private organization that is focused on curing Nebrajins.  After years of painful research, they believe that they are on the cusp of finding a way to convert Nebrajins into Earthlings.

Voriity (Vuh-ree-tee) - An underground organization that is bent on exterminating Vorraleas. 

V.A.N.E.F - The Vorralea And Nebrajin Eradication Force.  They believe that Gamia should not be controlled by people outside of their organization. Therefore, they hunt down Nebrajins, and Vorraleas.

The Six of the World - These are the rulers of Earth Alpha.  They are currently made of 3 kings, and 3 queens.  Together, they oversee, protect, and provide order for the people of Earth Alpha.

Unknown Syndicate - Only a select few know about this circle of organized crime, but they also know to stay away from it.

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