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Tamara's Theme - Rami Suave

Tamara Stralade

Birthday: June 17th

Age: 18

Height: 5'6"

Artwork by Ricardo Michel

Tamara is a cheery, young, girl that tends to care too much. Tamara used to live an uneventful life in one of the nicest places on Earth Alpha. Until she was kidnapped! Now she lives a life that's more eventful than she ever could've hoped for.
She has gone through many traumatizing events, but still finds the strength to be one of the most positive characters in the game.
She gets surprised easily, and her friends like to pick on her for it. Especially because she is always expressing how much she cares for her friends, and always finding a way to brighten up everybody's day. Tamara is gifted with the power of light Gamia. 
She generally uses her powers to heal people, but when in a pinch, she shows her true strength. 
She is a "fight, or flight" kind of person, so if she isn't using all her power to turn the tides of battle, she's usually telling everyone to escape.

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