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Trent's Theme - Rami Suave

Trent Stralade

Birthday: May 8th

Age: 21

Height: 5'11"

Artwork by Ricardo Michel

Trent is a serious person with a wild sense of ambition. When he has his mind set on something, he'll strive for it until it kills him. 
A lot of people consistently fued with Trent, because they consistently struggle to gain his trust. In return, it makes it harder for others to trust him as well. Although rarely spoken, Trent cares about his friends deeply.

Tamara constantly scolds him to be nicer, so his friends
can know that he cares. Trent is gifted with the power of light, like his sister. He is strong, and has a lot of confidence in his own ability to fight. 
He deals with pressure well, and is a fast thinker. However, he is known to over think things, and mess up from time to time. 
The other characters look at Trent as the problem solver of the group, and get a bit worried when he isn't around to help.

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