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Dex's Theme - Reggie1

Dex Duphaine
Birthday: March 1st
Age: 19
Height: 6'1"

Artwork by Ricardo Michel

Dex is one of the three leading protagonists in Obsolete Souls™. Dex is the optimist that never has good things happen. This is usually because he ignores the negative possibilities of a given situation, and completely dives into the positive ones. He grew up in Stobon with his two brothers, his sister, and his friend Vinny.  

In his younger years, he admired his older siblings, and their many accomplishments, so he dedicated his life to reaching the plateau they set for him. Unfortunately, the only thing he achieved was an understanding of how much stronger people were than himself.

However, this made his respect for his siblings grow into respect for all people with power. Dex tried to get Vinny into the idea, but Vinny wasn't interested. Or at least until Dex found a connection to Vinny's missing parents. They decided to venture together, but would soon regret it. Through investigating things that they shouldn't have, Dex is now the face of great danger.

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