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Improve and Survive

Battle against the many monsters in Obsolete Souls, and choose whether they should live or die. Towards the end of each battle, you can choose to gain extra experience points by finishing off an enemy, or you can choose to let them live for a small health boost!  (This option is not available against human enemies!)


Encounter Zones

Step into an Encounter Zone, and fight through random encounters with set enemies for the given area.  Once your player level is high enough, you can skip random encounters with weaker enemies with a well timed press of the action button! (P.S watch for the smiley face indicator!)

Max Crush

When you're in a pinch in battle, you should never give up! Once a character reaches a certain level, they can muster the strength to turn the tides of battle! When the player's health becomes low, a new move list appears in the command window that consists of attacks with high critical hit ratios, various stat boosters, attacks that hit multiple enemies, and much more!  However, once your player's health is restored, the Max Crush move list will disappear. 

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